This blog is intended to be part journal, part chronicle, and part explicit project of writing about Spirit Work, Queer Witch Skillz, and Other Woo/Spooky things not otherwise specified. I chose the name to focus on seeing, classifying, & organizing and the process of finding a balanced position within and made up of those actions. So wish me luck!

A lot of folks, when they’re just getting started figuring out woo things*, seem to have trouble either in dropping in to the altered states/recognising the synthesia needed and/or getting a framework/interpretation around their experiences. 

Inwardly, that framework is about understanding who you are, what is inside of you i.e. the psychology of you, and differentiating between psych inside input and stuff that is outside. It’s hard to relate authetically, when we come from a place of not understanding the hidden things in your makeup and why you’re responding the way you do.

Outwardly, this framework is learning to see/view/intake the world for how it truly is rather than how you think it ought to be. Its about learning your blindspots, being able to put yourself grokily in anothers mindset. it is also about having an adequate language for describing things you’ve experienced.

This whole process of inward and outward framing is one of the hardest things to create on ones own without a great deal of exploration, testing, and reading. Just waking up to things this is incredibly hard to do, especially in western culture’s explicit lack of support for authentic non-material experiences.




*I use woo things to encompass the many different varieties of magical practices, spirti workey activities, deity relating, witchy things, otherkin abilities, etc etc

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