Beyond Coercion: Talking Transmisogyny & Femmephobia: a workshop by Cordelia Nailong and Ace Falcor

Beyond Coercion: Talking Transmisogyny and Femmephobia is an informal discussion of transmisogyny in queer communities. Transmisogyny is a term used to describe how sexism — the assumption that maleness and masculinity are superior to femaleness and femininity — is applied to trans* women as an enforcement component of traditional patriarchal assumptions. This sort of discrimination can be seen when a trans* woman is ridiculed or otherwise sanctioned/assaulted for expressing her femaleness or femininity. This can also be seen in ways in which we differentially treat or promote feminine expressions of gender and masculine expressions of gender. In cis contexts, femmephobia is sometimes used to describe these assumptions and behavior.

The workshop is not a lecture or presentation, rather, it is an open dialogue for people to come share honestly about their experiences and feelings without fear of judgement or backlash and to talk about possible solutions to combatingtransmisogyny in our daily lives. It is open to everyone, all gender identities and sexualities, because we believe that we all have a responsibility to work towards eradicating transmisogyny within queer communities.

Suggested reading —  * This is not an endorsement of any specific viewpoint in these articles and blogs– just background info, opinions and experiences from a wide variety of people.  * However, we strongly recommend at least reading the 1-page primer, just so we all understand the very basic concepts and language.

BOOK –  Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano

PRIMER –  one-page description and definition of trans-misogyny by Julia Serano


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Tobi Hill-Meyer’s “What transmisogyny looks like”


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